Memorial / Commemorative Bench and Table Program

  1. The Parks Commission staff will determine what parks and what areas within those parks would benefit from a bench or table. Some parks like Rosy Mound already have many memorial benches while other parks could really benefit from additional benches or tables.
  2. The party interested in donating will then have a choice of locations based on the areas identified by parks staff. Note:  Existing benches or tables can be used as memorials subject to the same pricing and other policies if authorized by park staff.
  3. For a minimum $750 donation for a bench and $1250 for a table, the parks will purchase, and install a recycled plastic bench or table with metal base which includes a cast bronze plaque. Any amount donated above the minimum donation will be used for park maintenance including but not limited to the maintenance of the memorial bench or table.
  4. Benches or tables that require a concrete pad or those placed in a premium area where a different style bench or table is required will require an additional donation amount.
  5. The interested party should summit a check made out to Ottawa County Parks and Recreation at the address on the heading above or fill out the credit card section on the attached form.
  6. The interested party will provide the Parks Commission with the exact inscription desired for the plaque. The 3”x8” plaques can accommodate 15 to 20 words or around 120 characters including spaces on 3 or 4 lines.  Simple inscriptions of less than 10 words on 2 or 3 lines work best.  Parks Commission staff will then review the inscription, request modifications if needed, then approve the inscription and proceed to order the plaque.  All plaques will be of a consistent design including size, lettering style, color, border, etc.
  7. The Parks Commission will purchase and install the bench or table and plaque so that it is consistent with the parks current standard. The plaque will be installed on the back plank of the bench or in the top middle of the table.
  8. Timing of installation is at the discretion of the Parks Commission and will depend upon delivery timeline, staff availability, and weather.
  9. The life of the plaque is intended to correspond to the useful life of the bench or table – it is not intended to remain in the park in perpetuity. The Parks Commission will guarantee a minimum life of ten (10) years for a bench or table.  If vandalism to the plaque occurs, the plaque sponsor has a choice on whether or not they will replace the plaque at their own expense (i.e. cost of new plaque – est. $170).  The Parks Commission has no responsibility to replace lost or stolen plaques.  If the plaque sponsor elects not to replace the damaged plaque, the Parks Commission retains the right to remove the damaged plaque from park grounds.
  10. The Parks Commission retains the right to relocate the bench or table if the use of the site changes or to ensure park visitor safety.
  11. Please fill out the attached form and include it with your check.

Memorial / Commemorative Bench and Table Order Form